Volume 11, Issue-01, June 2020

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1.Drosy Drive Identification by Imagepp.1-5Click Here
2.Brain Toumer Detection by MRI Image by using Digital Image Proceningpp.6-10Click Here
3.Survey on factors affecting Query performance in MapReduce Environmentpp.11-14Click Here
4. Analysis of Security and Privacy Issue with big datapp.15-19Click Here
5.Online Digital Channelspp.20-24Click Here
6.Digital Image Processing Using MATLABpp.25-28Click Here

Volume 10, Issue-02, December 2019

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1.Critical Analysis of Big Data Analytics Toolspp.1-5Click Here
2.Electronic Payment System- Effects of Transaction Procedures on Consumers’ Perceived Securitypp.6-9Click Here
3.Hand-Written Character Identification from an Image by using Digital Image Processingpp.10-13Click Here
4.Fake Currency Detection Using Digital Image Processingpp.14-18Click Here
5.Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technologypp.19-21Click Here
6.Parallel Processing for Big Datapp.22-23Click Here

Volume 10, Issue-01, June 2019

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1.Study of HDFS Architecture and Servicespp.1-3Click Here
2.Internet of Things (IoT) A Review on Benefits and Challengespp.4-7Click Here
3.Implementation of Security Mechanisms using Honeypots in Bankspp.8-10Click Here
4. A Review on Cloud based Hadoop Environmentpp.11-14Click Here
5.IoT in Integration with Decision Support Systempp.15-17Click Here
6.Identification of Character from an Image by using Android Mobile Phonepp.18-21Click Here